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Services for Background Checks, Pre Employment & Employment Screening,  Investigations and Due Diligence Investigations

Welcome to clients and others…

Unique Source:  You’ve come to a source uniquely positioned to help you meet critical objectives for your business, organization, or professional practice. How may we help you? Please take the time to discover how and why. Uniquely positioned? Discover the difference between us and others, because we are indeed different.

Highly Experienced:  Before you had your first PC or before PCs were common, most likely, we were performing pre employment screening, background checks, and information verification services. We began in Ohio in 1987, security and search professionals, with our original organization and incorporation. Experience matters, and our experience translates into performance, quality, and reliability for our clients.

Pros:  We are a professional, national service provider, a leading firm that serves a diverse clientele, ranging from small businesses to those in the Fortune 500, HR, security, and professionals in law, accounting, and other disciplines. Welcome.

Full Service, Full Value:  Search First provides valuable background checks, employment and pre employment screening services, with complete background investigations and full due diligence investigations. Our comprehensive services include a broad variety of background checks and background searches, employment verification, and allied verification services that help you meet your business objectives.

Customized Client Programs:  Search First's experienced staff will help you design a program customized to you that helps you to meet your unique goals, objectives, and expectations. Other search firms offer set packages - we customize services to your needs - what you get is what you want and need. From the basics to full due diligence investigations we're here for you. Customized Service! How may we help you?

Did you know...?

We serve: 

Businesses, institutions,  organizations in diverse industries - small to Fortune 500
 Human Resources and  Personnel Depts.
Law Firms, Attorneys, CPAs, Professionals
Security Pros & Departments
Utilities, Electric, Gas, Water, Critical Infrastructure Organizations
 Banks, Credit Unions, Finance, etc.

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Whether you have used a pre employment or background check agency previously, find out why we are a leading agency with satisfied clients across the nation in diverse industries - we invite you to explore and find out about us and who we are. And what do our customers have to say about us? It's no mystery - see > Clients. If you're new to using a professional agency or to review purposes, applications, or benefits of screening and background checks, go here > more.

Our service fees are cost-effective and our reports are reader friendly. Each report is prepared using information gathered from only legal and ethical sources, assuring our clients of complete compliance with the vast array of laws, regulations, and regulatory bodies.


"We are dedicated to protecting the best interests of our clients by providing them with the power to make responsible and informed  decisions on hiring, partnering, vendor selection,  and decisions on many other fronts."


SERVICE SUMMARY Checklist for Background Checks and Pre Employment Screening Services:

  • Background checks
  • Pre employment screening
  • Employment screening and employee background checks
  • Prior employment verification
  • Full background and due diligence investigations
  • Criminal record checks, criminal background checks
  • Civil court records, federal, county, civil
  • Credit checks
  • Reference checks
  • Education verifications, license verifications, credentials verifications
  • Social Security Number Verifications, Social Security Traces
  • Motor vehicle record checks
  • OFAC Search

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Click for Home:  Search First Information Services, Inc.

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Click for info National Assoc. of Professional Background Screeners 


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