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In today’s society more than ever, it’s extremely important to know who you are hiring. SearchFirst’s screening process offers the highest screening technologies and provides you with accurate, reliable and cost effective information that you deserve! A Pre-Employment Background Check has become a matter of necessity. Too many applicants make false claims on their job applications and resumes or attempt to cover up prior criminal activity. About 40% of the background checks processed turn up at least one serious discrepancy.

A SearchFirst screening will help you make informed hiring decisions for your business. Client care is priority one with SearchFirst and our clients know they can depend on us. We would like an opportunity to serve you, and you will experience the difference between SearchFirst and our competitors.

Many individuals feel background checks are an invasion of privacy. A background checks simply verifies information provided by the applicant on the resume and/or job application. Unfortunately many lie about their experience and credentials. Employers have the right and the responsibility to verify applicant-provided information and they have the legal requirement to provide a safe workplace for employees, customers, and members of the public. Past mistakes and problems may well be uncovered by a thorough background check. During the job interview, a frank explanation of any past problems provides the applicant the opportunity to explain what happened and get any potential issues out on the table. False and misleading information and forged documents are likely to be exposed by a thorough background check. Most employers have a “No Tolerance” policy about false claims on a resume or job application. This policy applies whether the falsehood is found before or after the applicant is hired. Do not lie. Honesty is the best policy.

The benefits of comprehensive employment background screening include: increased applicant and new hire quality, reduced workplace violence, reduced negligent hiring liability, reduced losses from employee dishonesty, making the right hire the first time, and avoiding negative publicity.

The first benefit of background checks that most clients see is an increase in applicant quality. We often hear from our new customers that they saw an almost immediate improvement in the quality of applicants once the word got out that they were conducting thorough background checks. A complete employee screening process:

  • Results in fewer applications with serious discrepancies
  • Discourages applicants who are trying to hide something
  • Increases applications from applicants who want to work in a safe environment
  • Increases the quality of new hires due to an improved applicant pool and improved selection process

Prior history is a good predictor of future performance. Background checks are used by employers to identify applicants prone to unacceptable workplace behavior. Background check tools such as Criminal Record Checks, Employment Verifications, Education Verification, License Verifications, and other research tools can reveal potential problem areas.

Negligent hiring liability holds employers responsible both for what they do know and what they should have known about their employees. It can even hold employers responsible for employees’ actions off the job. Courts have repeatedly affirmed that employers have a duty to exercise reasonable care in hiring individuals who, because of the nature of their employment, may pose a threat to the public. Because employers have a moral and legal obligation to provide a safe work environment, knowing whether a potential employee has been involved in criminal or dishonest activity (such as drug or other substance abuse, reckless behavior, theft, or dangerous and violent behaviors) allows the employer to better determine if an applicant is appropriate for the job and work environment. Background Checks allow an employer to better determine if an applicant poses a potential threat to other employees or customers.

SearchFirst strictly adheres to all compliance laws along with being FCRA compliant. There are numerous federal, state, and local laws and regulations that apply to employee background checks that must be carefully followed. Generally these laws and regulations specify:

  • How notice is to be given to the applicant
  • How written permission is to be obtained from the applicant
  • How any information obtained and used must be relevant to the job both as to how old the information is and how the specifics relate to job performance
  • How the confidential information is to be handled and disposed

Statistic of Interest from Industry Sources

  • 40% of all Background Checks had at least one serious flag.
  • 10% of County Criminal Record Checks had serious flags.
  • 10% of Education Verifications had serious flags
  • 23% of Employment Verifications had serious flags.
  • 44% of Driving Records had serious flags.

The bottom line is that pre-employment background checks help an organization be more successful. That means greater profits to for-profit organizations and greater impact for non profits. Thorough background checks help employers:

  • Reduce the high cost of turnover by screening in employees who stay longer.
  • Reduce losses from employee theft, employee fraud, drug and alcohol abuse, absenteeism, workplace violence, and litigation.
  • Avoid wasted benefits.
  • Reduce training and employee development costs.
  • Increase productivity through hiring employees with better work habits, attitudes, policies, and practices.
  • Decrease insurance costs. Some insurance companies will give background check or drug-

We are large enough to service you, yet small enough to know you. We take pride in our client relationship and would welcome the opportunity to work with you. Please contact us today to see how we can help your business or organization start conducing employment screenings.

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