Search Services in Alphabetical Order

  • County Civil Records

    The SearchFirst County Civil Records Search uncovers civil lawsuits filed by or against a person or entity in a particular county.

  • County Criminal Records Search

    A SearchFirst County Criminal Records Search reveals a subject’s felony and, in some counties, misdemeanor criminal record(s).

  • Credit Report

    A SearchFirst Credit Report produces a full credit report from one of the three nationwide credit bureaus and includes derogatory credit information, public filings (bankruptcies, liens and judgments).

  • Education Verification

    A SearchFirst Education Verification Check confirms schools attended, dates of attendance, certificates, diplomas and/or degree(s) received, and special recognition or rewards.

  • OFAC Search

    The Office of Foreign Assets Control (“OFAC”) of the U.S. Dept. of the Treasury enforces economic and trade sanctions based on foreign policy and national security goals.

  • Prior Employment – Verifications

    The SearchFirst Employment Verification Search confirms a subject’s past employment record including confirmation of dates worked, job title, wages, reason for departure and rehiring eligibility.

  • Reference Verification

    The SearchFirst Personal Reference Verification provides insight into an applicant’s trustworthiness, reliability, competency and integrity.

  • Social Security Trace

    A social security number trace is probably the most effective tool used in determining or verifying identity, a key part of any pre employment screening or background check or investigation.