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Social Security Trace, Social Security Number Trace

Probably the most effective tool used in determining or verifying identity, Search First's Social Security Number (SSN) Trace validates a subject's social security number, birth date, and address listings. The trace either verifies a number as legitimate or reveals an anomaly (such as an incorrect number or a deceased person's number), which could indicate a false identity.

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45 percent of applicants have criminal records, poor driving records, workers’ compensation claims or bad credit histories.
- Survey of Human Resource Executives -


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A background check of 7 years is the industry standard. Due to human error, mistakes, and also other reporting factors, Search First recommends a social security trace to verify any gaps in resident history not provided by the applicant.

A Social Security Number search is one of the most effective ways to conduct a background check on a new employee, an applicant, or new tenant. 99% of the people can be quickly located with a search on their Social Security Number. A nationwide search will provide, at the very least, the person's name, as well as current and previous addresses associated with their Social Security Number. For a more complete list of the information that a SSN search may produce, see below. The amount of information returned depends on that persons credit history and credit activity. If the subject has no credit, no credit history, or is a very recent immigrant to the country, then very little information will be on file.

Why? A social security number search is primarily derived from the database records maintained by the three major credit bureaus. The search is not as exhaustive as a full Criminal Record Search, but it will provide most of the following information:

  • Name and Current reported address from SSN
  • Address history of subject for 7 years, possibly up to 10 years including the months and years that all addresses were used
  • Other names and/or SSN's being used by subject
  • Address history for other names and/or SSN's being used
  • Validity, date, and year of issuance of the SSN
  • Tells if number is being used by anyone else and who it is, along with their address history for the last 7 years, possibly up to 10 years
  • Automatically detects and will flag if the SSN has been used in a death claim file.

Note: Not all of this information will be obtained for all subjects searched.

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