What’s the role of technology in working with SearchFirst?

We use technology to serve our clients, while we are not bound by it. Our first focus is on quality searches, quality information, and delivery to our clients using methods that are legal and in compliance with all laws, rules, and regulations, to the advantage of our clients. We use the technologies that assist us to do just that.

Simple-to-Use, Web-Based Service

Search First provides clients a simple, secure, online service for requesting viewing reports, and accessing completed reports. The web-based service offers the convenience of entering search requests, viewing reports, and accessing information 24/7 from anywhere with an internet connection. Built on an extensible technology platform to satisfy the changing requirements of hiring departments of all sizes, the simple-to-use order entry screens enable hiring personnel to easily enter, track, and receive background services. Companies nationwide, from small businesses to Fortune 500’s with hundreds of users, access SearchFirst’s web-based service.

Customer-Specific, Customized Packages

By providing management with the ability to predefine custom packages, order placing at the branch/store level is both streamlined and standardized. Management can determine which services are included in each package and the name of each package. If more flexibility is desired at the branch level, management can simply determine which services they would like listed in a menu format for users to select from on an order by order basis. At any time a user may add any additional service from the services section.


Search First systems are enabled with a highly flexible security system.

Corporate Users – Branch Users

Corporate Users can place orders and view results for multiple branches depending on individual access rights. Branch Users can only place orders and view results for their own branch.


Order Confirmation

Once the user places the orders, the system will generate an immediate, real-time order confirmation e-mail notification which indicates to the user that SearchFirst has started processing the order.

Completion Notification

When an order gets completed, the system generates an order completion notification. This alerts the user that they can login to the web interface and check the inbox for the newly completed order.

  • Simple and effective support for any number of users.
  • Instant tracking of the current status of every report 24/7
  • Scaleable to any size organization.